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Planet Hoop, the home planet of Chibi Dinos, is a strange and distant place where a basketball-like game is at the center of society. Chibi Dinos live, eat, and breathe this now ancient activity of Primal Hoop. Countless generations ago, before the formation of the Unity, and the creation of the Primal Hoop games, a catastrophic incident destroyed planet Hoop’s sacred Orb and catapulted Chibi Dino society onto a new path. 

Remnants of The Orb and cargo from a mysterious ship scattered across planet Hoop after the incident, and for generations Chibis have scoured the surface of their enormous planet, in the hopes that they can find a moon shard or a rare piece of gear to help them during their Primal Hoop rituals. Although the past has faded away for many Chibis, there are still those with a yearning to adventure out beyond the confines of society, to search for these ancient relics in the hopes that they can score big or to develop new skills and eventually achieve Legendary Chibi status.

Chibi Dino Teams

There are 10 teams in the Chibi Dino universe! 


Predictive Gaming with
GameOn uses a patented AI gaming technology that will be leveraged by Chibi Dinos to create a predictive game that can be played while watching your favourite basketball games. You’ll earn rewards, achievements, and special items, based on correct guesses that you make during live games in the NBA, WNBA, or an assortment of other leagues. These rewards will feed back into your daily lives and the P2E games.
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P2E Gaming with
Infinite World is the gaming powerhouse that will work with Chibi Dinos to create two linked yet completely unique P2E gaming modes: Primal Hoop and Chibi Adventures. Both of these modes are thematically connected within the Chibiverse and provide gaming variety for a wide range of players, endless entertainment, and P2E potential.
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Primal Hoop

The primary ritual on planet Hoop is the activity of Primal Hoop, which is a 3 versus 3 form of basketball that has taken on the reverence of a religion for the Chibi Dinos.  
This is no ordinary game of arcade basketball, because Chibi Dinos are strange creatures with various special abilities. These abilities help Chibi Dinos perform outlandish feats on the court that help them win their games and earn SWAG tokens. And because Chibi Dinos take their games of Primal Hoop seriously, your progress will be tracked and follow your Chibi Dino throughout their career, adding value to your Chibi Dino in later game play. 

Chibi Adventures

After the destruction of the Chibi Dino’s moon, their society was plunged into chaos and ignorance.
Ancient knowledge was forgotten and technological advances were stifled. As society began to rebuild, the only solace was in the formation of The Unity and the Primal Hoop games that they organized society around. Yet from this grew a desire to find more gear and gather what remnants of the sacred Orb they could find. Some brave Chibi Dinos tasked themselves with forging out into the unknown to find answers, clues, or anything that could help Chibi Dinos understand their past and create a brighter future. These brave adventurers search through their planet, fighting enemies, developing skills, and finding rare items that can be bought and sold on the marketplace. 


The Chibi universe will include two tokens, which will help support the game and provide Chibi holders with continued value, HOOP and SWAG. 
Details for our tokens are available in our whitepaper
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Earning each of these tokens depends on the gameplay of each Chibi holder and will be used for the following functions:
  • Name your Chibi Dino
  • Give your Chibi Dino a
    background story
  • Hatch Chibi eggs
  • Purchase gear in the
    secondary market
  • Yield Farming
More to be announced!


PJ Washington Partnership Launch
Primal Pick'em Launch
Primal Hoop Trailer Reveal
Terance Mann Partnership Launch
HOOP Token Launch
Comic Book Release
Primal Hoop Beta Launch
Primal Hoop Public Launch


The Unity

Chibi Dinos are protected and championed by The Unity, a group of highly skilled, motivated, and driven experts.
We are here to make magic happen for all Chibis. Our commitment to providing a quality experience and product is paramount and we will stop at nothing to create a universe that will last. 
Sean Kelly
Sascha Modersitzki
Director of IT Infrastructure
Charlie Cavalier
Phar Lap's Offspring
Dino Dev

What is an NFT?

Simply put, an NFT is a digital asset that no one can forge.
NFTs are stored on a blockchain and their ownership can easily be verified. To own an actual NFT you can’t just right-click and save an image, you need to unlock your crypto wallet (metamask, or any alternative) and show that the NFT exists in your wallet. 

If the NFT is in your wallet, you are eligible for access to certain groups, real-world events, and special deals. You can’t do this with a PNG. Think of an NFT as a ticket to enter a whole metaverse that is only just beginning. 
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