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Chibi Dinos are 10,000 cute NFTs of different Chibis. Chibi Dinos are uniquely generated NFTs with traits assigned at mint. Each Chibi Dino grants its owner access to the Chibi universe, including an expansive play-to-earn-game, exclusive Chibi content, a unique secondary market, and one of a kind real world experiences. 

The first release of Chibis includes a collection of 10,000 highly collectable, stylized Chibis, each wearing the jersey of their in-game basketball team. The Chibis all play on one of ten different Dino themed basketball teams in the Chibi universe and compete to earn.

Our goal is to create a global brand that delivers value and quality to its owners, and each owner of a Chibi NFT will be a part of that journey.

A group of 10 Chibi Dinos NFT


Each Chibi Dino team is led by real world professional NBA players! Captains provide Chibi Dinos with real world reach and help spread Chibi awareness. Join our Discord and chat with some of the captains in their free time! Check back as we continue to add players from other global leagues.

Chibi Dinos Team: Archaic Crazy Carnivores
Shareef O'neal
R.J. Hampton
Michael Carter Williams
Chibi Dinos Team: Archaic Athletes
Josh Hart
Chibi Dinos Team: Archaic Fabulous Fossils
Kendrick Perkins
Quinn Cook
Chibi Dinos Team: Archaic Honest Herbivores
Kendrick Nunn
Chibi Dinos Team: Extinct Eaters
Brandon Clarke
Chibi Dinos Team: Jurassic Jumpers
De'Aaron Fox
Chibi Dinos Team: Cretaceous Creatures
Gary Harris


 Produce Bi-weekly AMAs

Launch Merch Store with exclusive content for Chibi Dino holders

Release 3D models of existing Chibi Dinos to be accessed through exclusive mint pass

Release a limited edition NFT mint for Chibi Dinos

Release best-in-class Reporting Dashboards available to all current holders and prospective investors

Release 2022 roadmap

 Release official Chibi Dinos white paper

Release state of the art NBA Informational Bot to provide NBA schedules and scores

Partner with large NFT focused twitter accounts like NFT Whale Alert to track and promote all Chibi Dinos sales activity

Complete purchase of a significant estate in Sandbox

 Sign contract with best-in-class game developer and start production of our game

Launch updated, re-branded Chibi Dinos website

Launch liquidity pool on NFTX for Chibi Dino holders

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The Unity

Chibi Dinos are protected and championed by The Unity, a group of highly skilled, motivated, and driven experts. We are here to make magic happen for all Chibis. Our commitment to providing a quality experience and product is paramount and we will stop at nothing to create a universe that will last.


The gameplay for Chibi Dinos will include two linked, yet completely unique modes. These modes are designed so that a wide variety of gamers can participate in and enjoy the Chibi metaverse.

Primal Hoop

Chibi Dinos will be able to play arcade style 3 versus 3 basketball matches, with fun special moves, a dynamic stat aggregator, and the ability to earn coins for their wins. This will be the first phase of our game development and will provide Chibi owners the ability to earn tokens, which can be used in both modes of the game.

Chibi Adventures

This adventure mode will allow Chibi Dinos to explore the ruins of their planet. Chibi’s will search through their planet for remnants of their demolished sacred moon, fight enemies, search for wearable gear, level up their experience, and develop a skill tree. This mode will allow for the Chibi universe to expand to new and exciting opportunities for Chibi holders
What is an NFT?

Simply put, an NFT is a digital asset that no one can forge. NFTs are stored on a blockchain
and their ownership can easily be verified. To own an actual NFT you can’t just right-click and
save an image, you need to unlock your crypto wallet (metamask, or any alternative) and
show that the NFT exists in your wallet. If the NFT is in your wallet, you are eligible for access
to certain groups, real-world events, and special deals. You can’t do this with a PNG. Think of
an NFT as a ticket to enter a whole metaverse that is only just beginning.

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