Splinterlands has integrated $HOOP into their P2E gaming ecosystem,
you can now swap $HOOP in the Splinterlands token hub


Use $HOOP in the Primal Hoop marketplace to purchase
in-game items


Chibi Dinos in partnership with market makers offer staking for
$HOOP, Chibi Dinos tokens, prizes, partnered artwork from NFT artists and more


The $HOOP NFT marketplace will allow those who buy or earn $HOOP to spend it on limited edition NFTs


The $HOOP governance protocol allows holders of $HOOP
to make suggestions in the form of proposals, that if passed by a weighted holding vote will be put into action


The Uniqly store brings $HOOP utility to the real world
and the metaverse,
use your $HOOP to purchase physical merchandise that is paired with metaverse wearables